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              ShengNuoKE : Good gear reducer

              shengnuoke reducer
              excellence special to create

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              MB Variable speed reducer


              This series of detailed parameters Download (PDF version)

              技術支持 技術文檔
              Need to pay attention selection, installation, use, maintenance, etc. 

              Product Overview: 

              Mainly by the compression of the driving wheel device, Friction drive mechanism, speed control mechanism. 
              1, high strength: the impact of negative plant or machine turns, the machine performance and reliability, precision turning, recoilless. 
              2, speed range: variable speed range is 5, the output speed can be varied from 1:1.45 to 1:7.25. 
              3, high speed accuracy: speed accuracy of 0.5 - 1 turn. 
              4, stable performance: transmission components of the machine have been a special heat treatment, precision machining Mount Sassafras, well-oiled, smooth running, low noise, long life. 
              5, coaxial structure: an input shaft, an output shaft rotating in the same direction, small size and light weight. 
              6, the combination of capability: This machine can be used with all types of gear combinations to achieve the effect of a low gear speed, large torque regulation, with good adaptability. 
              7, under the circumstances permitted load, adjusting to constant speed; 
              8, the whole machine seal, suitable for wet, dusty, mildly corrosive environment.

              Technical Parameters:


              Speed range:

              2、Stage gearbox with gear reducer(i=2-5):40-200r/min
              3、Transmission with two gear reducer(i=8-25):8-125r/min

              MB CVT models


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