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              Title:Routine and periodic maintenance of reducer

              Routine maintenance reducer Please note the following:
              1.Keep equipment in and around the venue clean, no sub- plot , no grease .
              2.There is tantamount to pay attention to the sound of gear in operation .
              3.Check all the normal vibration, temperature is in compliance with regulations.
              4.Observe the speed reducer , under the joint surface and the shaft , with or without oil leakage , if any leaks promptly eliminated.
              5.Or oil through the oil gauge mirror , check the oil level should be at a predetermined position , strictly enforce the " three filters " when refueling.


              Reducerperiodic maintenance please note the following:
              1,reducer should be regularly cleaned equipment and other devices , strict adherence to rules , and remove small defects reducer , such as loose fasteners and so on.
              2, check the note gear under normal load, if there is abnormal vibration . Each bearing temperature gauges indicate normal, oil lubrication system pressure, flow meets the requirements, equipment or without abnormal noise, mechanical and electrical parts without odor .
              3 , a long down time reducer , attention should be immersed in dust and rust generation of at least a month , and a start gear , each run about 1 hour , and through the observation window and the side cover rusting was observed in the gear and bearing bracket .

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