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              Title:Reducer installation and commissioning of 8 points to note
              Reducer is a common the power transmission mechanism has a mechanical transmission system in a variety of applications. Installation and use of speed reducer is directly related to operating results reducer, to meet the technical specifications and standards. Reducer installation and commissioning to note the following matters.

              1, reducer when installing, paying particular attention to the central axis of the drive for errors in the use of compensation can not exceed the amount of gear used in the coupling. Reducer in accordance with the requirements of the following, you can get better performance and longer transmission life.

              2, the output shaft gear transmission parts during installation, you must pay attention to the operating soft, prohibit the use of a hammer and other tools rude installation, the best is to use the thread end of the shaft assembly fixture and installed to the strength of the bolt screwed into the drive pressed into gear, so you can protect the internal parts of the reducer will not be damaged.

              3, gear couplings used in a variety of optional type, but it is best not to use steel fixed coupling, the coupling of this kind is more difficult to install, once installed properly it will increase the load capacity, likely to cause damage to the bearings, and even cause the output shaft fracture.

              4, the fixed gear is very important to ensure a smooth and solid, in general we should gear mounted on a horizontal foundation or base, while behind the oil tank should be excluded, and the cooling air circulation smooth.
              Fixed gear is not good, unreliable foundation is there will be caused by vibration and other phenomena, also makes bearings and gears unnecessary damage.

              5 pieces of gear reducer coupling should be installed in the necessary protective equipment, for example, projections or use gears, sprockets and other transmission on the couplings, bearings under radial load if the output is large, it should be optional enhanced.

              6, reducer installation location to ensure that operations staff, including the ability to conveniently close to the cursor, vent plug and oil drain plugs and other locations. After the installation is completed reducer, inspectors should fully check the accuracy of the installation position in order to determine the reliability of each fastener.

              7, before running gear, but also ready for operation, the oil tank vent plug removed replace vent plug, turn the screw to check the oil level plug oil line height, add the oil than the oil level plug screw into the hole
              overflow, then tighten the oil level plug and make sure that is correct, you can start trial operation.

              8, reducer test run time can not be less than two hours, the standard functioning is running smoothly, no vibration, no noise, no leakage, no impact, if abnormal situation should be promptly removed.
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