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              Title:Reducer assembly and testing

              A, reducer requirements to parts and components:
               1,bearing clean with gasoline, kerosene cleaning other parts. All parts and cabinets must not have any impurities present. Tank wall and the gear (worm) and other unprocessed surface has not eroded twice painted oil resistant paint, the cabinet has primed the outer surface and color of paint (color required by the host).
              2, part mating surfaces coated with oil after washing.


              B, reducer installation and adjustment requirements:
               1, bearing installation: When Rolling bearing inner ring should be installed close to the shaft shoulder, the gap may not be required by 0.05mm thick feeler.
              2, bearing axial clearance: clearance can not be adjusted for bearing (such as deep groove ball bearings), the axial clearance of 0.25 ~ 0.4mm; bearing axial clearance values for clearance adjustable.
              3, backlash gear (worm) meshing: Available feeler gauge or pressure Pb method. Will soon lead wire on the alveolar, then rotate the gear and flattened lead wire, measuring the size of two teeth side was crushed and the thickness of the lead wire is the tooth side.
              4 spots spur gear tooth contact tooth contact spots 2-10-4; bevel gear tooth contact spots 2-11-4; worm gear contact pattern 2-12-4.


              C, sealing requirements:
              1,is not allowed to fill any gasket between the cabinet subdivision surfaces, but can be painted or sodium silicate sealant to ensure the seal;
              2, When assembling the cabinet before tightening the bolts, use a feeler gauge to check the box lid and seat sealing surface 0.05mm combination between;
              3,shaft seal should be coated with grease, all seals should be strictly required to install.


              D, lubrication requirements:
              1, reasonably determine the types and grades of lubricants and greases.
              2, bearing grease, grease filling amount can generally greasing space of 1/2 to 2/3.
              3, the oil should be changed regularly, the first use of a new reducer, running from 7 to 14 days after the oil change, after 3 to 6 months can change the oil every time depending on the circumstances.


              E, test requirements:
              1, no-load operation: at rated speed forward and reverse running from 1 to 2 hours;
              2, the load test: at rated speed, rated load operation, to the oil temperature balance so far. Gear reducer, require oil pool temperature does not exceed 35oC, bearing temperature does not exceed 40oC; against worm reducer, require oil pool temperature does not exceed 60oC, bearing temperature does not exceed 50oC;
              3 during all tests, for a smooth operation, low noise.


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