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              Title:Screw lift Introduction and Selection Help

              SWL worm screw lift has a compact structure, small size, light weight, power sources extensive, low noise, easy installation, flexible, multi-function, multi-format support, high reliability, long life and other advantages. Has improved, landing forward, flipping and other functions, can be single or in combination. The device can be self-locking, can be accurately controlled by certain procedures to enhance or advance height adjustment can be directly driven by an electric motor or other power, you can also manually. The product can be widely used in machinery, metallurgy, construction, chemical, medical, cultural and health industries. Carrying capacity 2.5-120T. Maximum input speed 1500r/min, the maximum lifting speed 2.7m/min. There are different types of structures and assembly methods, lifting height manufactured according to user requirements.

              Screw lift models:
              SWL2.5, SWL5, SWL10, SWL15, SWL20, SWL25, SWL35, SWL50 SWL100 SWL120

              Screw lift lifting speed is calculated:
              There are basically two kinds of speed usually lift speed, which is determined by the worm gear ratio.

              A Case Study in SWL2.5
              Fast with P, the ratio is 6:1; slow with M said, ratio 24:1
              Meanwhile screw thread size (including pitch) is fixed. The important parameter is calculated vertical speed pitch.
              SWL2.5 pitch of 6mm, then we calculate 4P ordinary motor (4-pole output speed: 1450 r / min),
              Then lift lifting speed quickly when: 1450 (input speed) ÷ 6 (ratio) × 6mm (pitch) = 1450 mm / miN a slow landing speed: 1450 (input speed) ÷ 24 (ratio) × 6mm (pitch) = 362 mm / min

              Suppose you lift stroke of 500mm so the time needed for the whole journey.:
              When lifting speed fast: 500mm ÷ (1450 mm ÷ 60s) = 20.7s (s)
              Slow speed when lifting: 500mm ÷ (362 mm ÷ 60s) = 83s (s)

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